Urgent info re: Harden Moor Survey

On Monday 5th August and Tuesday 6th August the Council and Environmental Agency will be carrying out a mapping survey on the Moor to assist their wetland project. This entails flying a drone at 300 feet repeatedly criss crossing the Moor, our flying strip and some private properties. They have no objection to us flying but can we limit our flying height to 200 feet for the two days. If you have any problems please contact Charlie Lee or anyone on the committee. Thanks in advance for you co-operation.

Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones?

BMFA members have been expressing their deep concern and criticism of the BBC Two documentary, ‘Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones?’, which sensationalised the potential risks from ‘drones’ and grossly mis-represented the entirely safe activities routinely undertaken by thousands of lawful ‘drone’ operators.

The BMFA and other UK Associations acknowledge that unlawful operation of unmanned aircraft could potentially result in unacceptable conflict with manned aviation, but the risk should be taken in context and it remains the case that the most significant risk to manned aviation is from other manned aviation.

As a public service broadcaster, the BBC should provide its viewers with balanced reporting and we believe that this is something they have failed to do on this occasion. 

The BMFA has always supported the legal, safe and legitimate use of all types of unmanned aircraft and it is disappointing that the BBC appears to have formed a view based on the actions of a small handful of unlawful operators.

Such reporting only serves to compound our ongoing issues in terms of fighting regulations and government policy developed on the basis of fear rather than fact. 

We will be submitting a formal complaint to the BBC.

Should members also wish to register their complaints directly, the following links may be helpful:

BBC Complaints

BBC Points of View