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Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones?

BMFA members have been expressing their deep concern and criticism of the BBC Two documentary, ‘Britain’s Next Air Disaster? Drones?’, which sensationalised the potential risks from ‘drones’ and grossly mis-represented the entirely safe activities routinely undertaken by thousands of lawful ‘drone’ operators.

The BMFA and other UK Associations acknowledge that unlawful operation of unmanned aircraft could potentially result in unacceptable conflict with manned aviation, but the risk should be taken in context and it remains the case that the most significant risk to manned aviation is from other manned aviation.

As a public service broadcaster, the BBC should provide its viewers with balanced reporting and we believe that this is something they have failed to do on this occasion. 

The BMFA has always supported the legal, safe and legitimate use of all types of unmanned aircraft and it is disappointing that the BBC appears to have formed a view based on the actions of a small handful of unlawful operators.

Such reporting only serves to compound our ongoing issues in terms of fighting regulations and government policy developed on the basis of fear rather than fact. 

We will be submitting a formal complaint to the BBC.

Should members also wish to register their complaints directly, the following links may be helpful:

BBC Complaints

BBC Points of View

Indoor Flying coming UP

7th and 28th July Indoor flying at Holy Family School Keighley, starting time around 2pm until 5pm

New FW training Video

Not just for the novice please take a look at this new video from the BMFA achievement scheme


Please bring your transmitter(s) to the meeting tonight for testing. Many thanks.

Meeting 4th June

Don’t forget Tuesday’s meeting is bring a model to win another mystery prize.

CCA Proposal

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Control line flying sessions

We will be flying control line models on Monday and Thursdays from just after 18.00 till dusk weather permitting, if you would like to come and join us please do. At the moment we have 1 possible trainer but by the end of may will have a dedicated club trainer. If you would like more information please feel free to ring me Peter Harvey 07930 685588. If your interested buying some control line equipment, whilst I do have some bits and pieces to sell, I can highly recommend Hobbins Hobbies click here for more information.

Grand day out

A Grand Day Out! Update

Bradford Museums and Galleries have updated their website in preparation for our visit on the 5-6th May for the model mania event.

Click Here for Model Mania event page.

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