RX switching safely

If you study our radio control systems closely it soon becomes obvious the weakest link in the system, is the onboard RX power switch, a failure of this switch is the worst fault you can have by a long way, not only do you lose control but more importantly you lose the failsafe. With this in mind it has always amazed me that radio manufactures supply a switch which looks as through its meant to be mounted through the side of the fuselage, which not only leaves it open to the elements fuel dirt etc, but also vibration that’s transmitted down the fuselage. With this in mind take a switch apart and you will be shocked at how small and crude they are, don’t go thinking buying a bigger switch will help as the bigger components can be affected more by the vibration. So what’s the safest switching method? There are some solid state switches on the market now, where you pull a pin out and a transistor switch’s off closing the gate allowing the currant to flow, these work great but do use a small amount of power when switched off.

My answer to this problem is to first buy good quality switches, ones that click firmly when operated then mount inside the fuselage and protect from vibration. This only requires a small piece of 1/16th ply two double sided sticky foam pads and two servo type screws not screwed down tight, see pictures. Once mounted the switch can either be operated by a small piece of piano wire as pictured or to be extra safe drill a small hole either side of the fuselage and with a wire rod pushed through from one side switch on and from the other to switch off.   

The switch I use comes from the USA Radio South Click Here have a look they are good for other projects as well.

Soft-mounted-switch,servo's Switch-mount-close-up

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