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Gluing with Epoxy Resin ?

How many of you just mix your 2 part epoxy and hope it sticks two parts together. Over the years I have built some very high stress (36G) structures, bonding all kinds of materials together, Balsa, Ply, Glass cloth along with Aluminium and epoxy based mouldings. Now having seen more than 1or2 models come apart …

RX switching safely

If you study our radio control systems closely it soon becomes obvious the weakest link in the system, is the onboard RX power switch, a failure of this switch is the worst fault you can have by a long way, not only do you lose control but more importantly you lose the failsafe. With this …

Basic Trimming for Aerobatics

To get any model to fly right it has to be trimmed correctly whether you have a full on aerobatic model a pylon racer or a funfly model they all need to be¬†trimmed correctly. Try this link to the Great Britian R/C Aerobatic Association¬†and their guide to model trimming, it has worked well for me …

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