KADMAC vid’s By Steve Ball, Andy Howe, Shivam Patel, KadMacAble & TheKodakman + more

If you put any model related vid’s on Youtube please include KADMAC in the name so they are linked to the other ones.

And dont forget to tell everyone through the forum.

on YouTube Click Here


Steve Balls 24 Hour Charity Challenge video.

FAI Airsports Channel Click Here


Helicopter training evening fillmed by Drew Bickell

Heat 7 of round 3 at the 2011 F3d world championships, Bundaburg Australia

Lane 1 Robert Vandenbosh 2009 world champ and multiple European champ.

Lane 2 Peter & Joe Harvey Team GB (kadmac)

Lane 3 Chris Callow multiple world champ and 2011 world champ.

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