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New FW training Video

Not just for the novice please take a look at this new video from the BMFA achievement scheme

Lipo Fire

Do you need a reminder about what can happen around lipos, this is the 3rd lipo fire we have had within our club of around 70 members within 3years. Whilst there is no conclusive evidence to point to why this lipo fire happened. It was only good fortune that our member didn’t burn his house …

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Mix & Match

  Since writing my mix & match article for the September KADMAC Club meeting (CLICK HERE to read) we should by now all have received a copy of the new BMFA hand book, which is a big improvement from the old one in many ways. Within this latest copy there is a section on page …

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Earlier today it was reported to me that Nick Hemple has had a Lipo fire within his model room which is situated within his house. First reports are that whilst there is extensive damage to his model room the rest of the house has only sustained minor smoke damage and everyone got out safely. Comment from Nick. …

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BMFA Safety Bulletin

Safety Bulletin :- Noise Testing procedure improved guidance Club Support Officer  posted on 02/10/2015 12:36:00                      Following a serious injury received when a propeller detached while an aircraft was at full power being tested for noise, recommendations have been issued to help mitigate this risk. These recommendations apply to the element of the …

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FAKE Rx’s!!!!

One of our members has experienced loss of control/connection with his models 2 or 3 times this year, after the 3rd time he sent off his transmitter and all his receivers back to the main UK agent for testing. A few days later to his surprise he received a call from their technician who told …

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