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Coming up events for the last few weeks of 2015.

Electric comp will take place on Harden Moor weather permitting on Sunday 8th November from 13.00. If the event has to be rescheduled due to weather, please check back every few days.

Indoor dates 15th November and 6th December now confirmed. Both dates will take place at Holy Family School, Keighley, starting time around 2pm until 5pm. CLICK HERE for directions.

AGM Butt Lane Social Club 1st December 20.00



TG KADMAC comp of 2015

Team Glider 26th April 2015

By Chris Rouse

The fourth team glider competition was held on harden moor on Sunday 26th April after cancelling due to the weather on the Saturday being dull and windy. The event attracted only a small number of competitors and are listed below with the final scores.

The objective of the competition was to get airborne a glider by conventional tow behind a powered plane or by piggy back, only piggy back was used this time.

Points were earned for every one second airborne plus spot landing for tug and spot landing for the glider less double points lost for every second over the target time of five minutes.

Maximum available points 400.

Team Results

Tug.                                                 Glider.

Nick Hemple                                    Richard Newsham

Nick Hemple                                    Peter Harvey

Chris Rouse                                    Dave Graham

Chris Rouse                                    John Robinson

Take a look at the Gallery photo page for Charlie Lee’s photos



KADMAC 2014 results so far.

Results for all the comps this year




Scale comp 1st charles lee joint second John Marshall/Oliver Firth

Fun Fly  1ST Charles Waddington 2nd Oliver Firth 3rd Nick Hempel

Chuckie 1st Oliver Firth 2nd Adrian Firth 3rd Harry Waddington

Aerobatic Comp 1st Oliver Firth Joint second Mick Banks/Harry Waddington

Glider Tow 1st John Robinson/Mick Banks 2nd Nick Hempel/Mick Banks



GT comp & WW1

This years Glider Tow comp had its usual attrition rate and at one point we thought that we would not have a enough models to run the event. Thanks to the wonders of super glue we finally got several flights in and a clear winning team of Mick Banks and John Robinson, well done to both.



WW1 Centenary Commemoration Fly in, once again we have another event affected by the weather this time the wind blew, but this did not stop Peter Shackelton  and Harry Waddington from flying their WW1 planes and a fine display they put on, especially when you consider the scale wind speed will have been close to a 100mph.



See photo gallery for slideshow pictures of these events.

If you have any photos or videos of our events please email them to me or put them on the forum for us all to see.



KADMAC Aerobatic Result

Saturday 26th saw only the second comp of this year to be completed, in spite of the unseasonably cold weather and even a little bit of drizzle, we did have a good turn out of spectators and 4 keen competitors, all of whom flew one round of a basic aerobatic schedule.

The first three places were very close only being covered one point, with young Oliver Firth coming out as winner, flying his artf ultimate very well. In second place we had the joint placing of Harry Waddington and Mick Banks both of whom flew particularly well, Mick’s performance was particularly good to see, which apart form one small mishap he could have found him self  in a fly off with Oliver for first place.

Well done to all.



2013 Electric comp

2013 Electric comp Results


Name                                       Points

1st   Charles waddington         542
2nd  Pete Harvey                     494
3rd   David Wilkinson               487
4th   Oliver Firth                       484
5th   Nick Hempel                    481
6th   Chris Barlow                    477
7th   Dan Smith                       425
8th   Harry Waddington           191
9th   Glyn Rutter                      109



2013 Aerobatic results

2013 Aerobatic results


Name                                   Points

1st   Charles Waddington     151
2nd  Chris Rouse                 135
3rd   Alex Marker                  129.5
4th    Chris Barlow                110.5
5th    Harry Waddington       100
6th    Charles Lee                 92.5

A well flown and closely fort contest by the look of these results. Well done all.