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ELECTRIC COMPETITION RESULTS 1st Oliver Firth 2nd Dan Smith 3rd Adrian Firth 4th Harry Waddington

Scale Competition Results

Saturday 21st July  1st place – Oliver Firth, 10 points 2nd place – Charlie Lee, 9 points 3rd place – Ian Greenwood, 8 points 4th place – Harry Waddington, 7 points 5th place – Frans Malherbe, 6 points 6th place – Stuart Baldwin, 5 points Very well done to Stuart on his first Competition in …

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Chucky Comp Results – 1st January 2018

1st – Harry Waddington.       – 79.53 2nd – Oliver Firth                  – 78.58 3rd – Charles Waddington    – 71.41 4th – Colin Lister.                  – 49.30 5th – John Clarke.               …

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Electric comp results

  Electric competition results for 2017 top 3 placings 1st Oliver Firth 2nd Dan Smith 3rd Charlie Lee  


  The KADMAC 2017 funfly event took place today in near perfect conditions. Final result was very close with only 1 point between 1st & 2nd. 1st Peter Harvey 2nd Oliver Firth 3rd Chris Rouse 4th Harry Waddington … 5th Charlie Lee 6th Martin Hoyle    

Chuck Glider Comp Results

New Years Day chuck glider competition results 1st Oliver Firth 125 2nd Ian Greenwood 100 3rd Nick Hempel 97 4th Charles Waddington 96 5th Harry Waddington 84 6th Peter Harvey 64 7th Adrian Firth 60 8th Bob Jones 48 9th Jonathon Philby 47 10th Richard Newsom 26 11th Roger Wynne 15 11th James Waddington 15   …

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KADMAC Electric comp result

This year’s event took place in near perfect conditions, light breeze and an overcast sky for the full 2 hours or so of the event, the pleasant to fly in conditions also meant a level playing field for all 7 competitors. Charlie Lee kicked of the event with a good solid flight followed by myself …

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KADMAC Scale Competition

  1 Oliver Firth , Ultimate , 53 points 2 Frans Malherbe, Turbulent, 49 points 3 Charlie Lee, P 47 , 48 points 4 Harry Waddington, Cap 21, 47 points 5 Nick Hempel, Shoestring, 46 points   Oliver flew really well , a very aerobatic subject , flown in a very aerobatic manner, with good …

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KADMAC Aerobatic comp

Whilst we watched the weather forecast closely on the build up to this comp with predictions of rain all day, this proved to be totally wrong and we had perfect conditions with a slight breeze straight down the strip. With the event being judged by Howard Mansley for 6 competitors flying a very closely judged event. 1st Oliver …

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Funfly Result

1st Oliver Firth 63 2nd Nick Hempel 53 3rd Richard Newsham 28 4th Harry Waddington 23 5th Pete Harvey 18 Thanks to Nick for loan of model, sorry about the blown battery 6th Mick Banks ( withdrew in fear of lightening strike !)