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The latest drafts of the EASA regulations for unmanned aircraft were published recently by the European Commission and contain a significant and positive development for model flyers.  DG MOVE (the European Transport Commission) submitted a proposal to remove model flying conducted within Associations/Clubs from the EASA regulations and this seems to have gained acceptance.

The latest draft Implementing Act introduces this principle:

(25) Since model aircraft are considered as UAS and given the good safety level demonstrated by model aircraft operations in clubs and associations, it is not necessary to adopt particular provisions for recreational flight activities conducted within the framework of model aircraft clubs and associations.

This is further clarified by Article 16

UAS operations in the framework of model aircraft clubs and associations

1. The competent authority may issue a model aircraft club or association with an operational authorisation in accordance with relevant national rules.

2. The operational authorisation shall specify the conditions under which the model aircraft club or association may continue their activities, and shall be limited to the territory of the Member State in which it is issued.

There remained some confusion regarding the extent to which model flying would remain within the scope of the regulations, compounded by the retention of a reference to model flying within UAS.SPEC.010 (General provisions).  However, we have just had confirmation from EASA that this reference to model flying was left in the regulations in error and will be removed.

On this basis, the current draft regulations essentially remove model flying conducted within Associations/Clubs from the scope of the EASA regulations.  EASA have also confirmed our interpretation that a Member State’s Competent Authority (in our case the CAA) can define a complete national regulatory framework for model flying (which may or may not define requirements for age limits, operator registration and competency requirements etc) and that model associations may operate to the resulting national authorisation.  This is exactly what we have today!

However, this still leaves model flying conducted by those operating outside of an Association/Club within the scope of the EASA ‘Open Category’ which imposes height restrictions, age restrictions and also registration and competency requirements to almost all model aircraft up to 25Kg (the maximum limit within the ‘Open Category’).

The facility for a Member State to define areas/zones where model aircraft can operate with exemptions from ‘Open Category’ requirements has also been retained in Article 15 and could potentially help some countries where the requirement to join an Association/Club will be an unwelcome/unworkable imposition.

Article 15 Operational conditions for geographical zones

2.On the basis of a risk assessment carried out by the competent authority, Member States may designate certain geographical zones in which UAS operations are exempt from one or more of the open category requirements.

The current draft of the regulations is open for feedback on the European Commission website until the 5th November.  It is possible to submit feedback directly if you register on the EC website.  Details can be found here:

We believe that the changes introduced in the current draft regulations represent a positive development for model flying and on that basis we are not calling for a mass mobilisation of members to respond on this occasion.


The new BMFA membership site hosted by GO membership is now online for everyone to use.

Please could all members register on the site and update all their contact details including emergency contact and current email address.

Country members could you please affiliate yourselves with the KADMAC club as it makes membership so much easier to administrate.

Anybody having difficulty doing this will they please write their full details and hand to me at the next meeting and I can update for you.

Regards Charlie

Thursday evenings go C/L

The lighter evenings will soon be here allowing evening flying to take place once again. Just a reminder that Thursday afternoon/evenings are for control line flyers and this year we will be running training sessions for beginners, if you fancy giving it ago please let me know and I will bring the trainer along.

2017 AGM report


This year’s agm was attended by just under 50% of the membership, 42 club members were presented with the reports from Treasurer Click Here, Membership Secretary, Club Secretary and Chairman Click Here.

Which were followed by two proposals, 1st to increase the Full Membership fee from £33 to £34 in line with the increase by the BMFA. 2nd To give permission to the Treasurer to use online banking. Both were voted in with a clear majority. Next up was election of officers where Chris Barlow was confirmed as the new Secretary and Colin Lister as the New Chairman for the next 2 years.

The New Committee for 2018

Chairman: Colin Lister
Secretary: Chris Barlow
Treasurer: Charlie Lee
Membership Secretary: Harry Waddington


2018 Seasonal starter


The KADMAC events/competition season kicks off on the 1st January with our chuck gilder comp up on Harden Moor. This well attended event starts around 10.30 with each competitor having 3 timed flights more if time permits, longest flight wins.

If you fancy having ago but don’t have time to build one, don’t let that put you off as there will be a few spare models to test your trimming skills on.

But if you do have a couple of hours to spare for the building board, click here for a selection of free plans.

Click Here for extra building instructions.

Click Here for instructions how to get the best out of your chucky.





There was confirmation of both the Free Flight National Championships at RAF Barkston Heath over the Spring Bank Holiday Weekend of 26th – 28th May and the RC, Scale & control Line Nationals also at RAF Barkston Heath over the August Bank Holiday weekend of 25th – 27th August.

The Silent Flight Nationals will also take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend of 25th – 27th August at BMFA Buckminster.

Also at today’s Society Annual General Meeting the subscriptions for 2018 were agreed as below.

Senior £34

Junior £17

Family Senior £34

Family Partner £23

Family Junior £13


First Aid app


Thanks to the bmfa for the information on this app, I highly recommend you download it to your phone and like me hope you never need it.

Our sport of model aircraft flying has a long proven track record of being a very safe sport to participate in, however accidents can happen or we or our fellow fliers may be taken ill at anytime. Would you be able to help if someone was injured or taken ill? First Aid training is very worthwhile and should be considered and it is always wise to have a personal first aid kit with you and a well stocked kit available at clubs if possible.

Having the knowledge to be able to help when these things happen could save someone’s life, there are now some free First Aid apps that you can download to your smart phone with lots of step by step guides explaining what to do in the event of medical emergencies. Consider adding one to your phone. Hopefully you will never need to call on them but they could prove very useful if needed.


See the links below for more details.

Click Here