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KADMAC Competitions

KADMAC is an all inclusive club for novice to expert, covering all types of aero modelling whether you want to fly, free flight, control line or R/C fix wing or helicopter. With this in mind we would like to try and run an event/competition every year to celebrate all our member activities and educate us in disciplines that we might rarely see. If you’re involved in an activity what we currently don’t have event for please let me know.



Indoor Electric

Under construction, news on this one coming soon.

Clubman Aerobatic

  KADMAC Clubman Aerobatic Event.                                                                       This event is set up for you to prove your ability as a top clubman flyer, you will see from the flying schedule it’s a very basic schedule which we will all have flown many times before. We will start off the event with a draw to select your flying …

Control line

On the line Come along and show us what you can do, even if its a case of take off fly straight and level and then land without crashing, you stand a good chance of winning just whilst the others stretch their abilities to the limit.        


  We wish to run a new event as soon as possible if you would like to participate please let me or Andy Howe know of your interest and type of event you would like to see.   Andy Howe  email Peter Harvey email    

Fun-Fly 2017

New format for 2014 Graham Wademan Memorial Trophy Awarded annually by Richard and Eileen Wademan to the winner of the power fun-fly competition Schedule Rise off ground take off Position for first task. TASK 1 One minute of loops, inside or outside at pilots discretion. Each completed loop scores 1point. Position for second task. TASK …

Electric Fixed Wing

  KADMAC Electric fixed wing competition   This event devised by Harry Waddington, has to be the most basic R/C contests ever, please don’t read that as simple.   The event starts at the point of wheels lifting off the ground or hand launch, at this point a stop watch starts and you are given …

Team Glider Competition

 Are you up two it     Team Glider is a five-minute event, comprising of one glo or Electric powered plane (Tug) and one Glider. Glider can be towed conventionally or by piggyback on or under the tug. Five minutes starts when both plane and glider are airborne. Both planes are to take off with as much …

Building Competition

. KADMAC’s annual Building Competition takes place at the March club meeting. The following classes, Scale, Sport, Glider, Heli, Control line and Plastic kit are open to all own design, kit or plan built planes and helicopters. All the above classes will be judged by an experienced modeller normally a non club member. There will also be a class for …

R/C Scale flying

  “Flying only” Scale competition, no marks awarded for appearance or scale fidelity, however models must be recognisable as a rendition of a full size flying aircraft , most of us must possess at least one model that qualifies for this, if you’ve never attempted a club competition, now’s your chance ! The aim of …

Photo Competition

Aero Modelling Photo Competition 2014 This competition is open to all club members their families and friends to show us their artistic talents of capturing the feeling of aero modelling, whether it be r/c control line or free flight, hobby or sport.   Photos of a minimum 2000×1400 size please, these can be emailed or …


The KADMAC events/competition season kicks off on the 1st January with our chuck gilder comp up on Harden Moor. This well attended event starts around 10.30 with each competitor having 3 timed flights more if time permits, longest flight wins. If you fancy having ago but don’t have time to build one, don’t let that put …

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