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Keighley Aviation History

If you have any or see on the internet aviation story’s related to Keighley/our local area, please let  me know and I will add them to these pages for all of us to read.


Herbert Smith

Herbert Smith of Bradley was elected Honorary Companion of the Royal Aeronautical Society here is his story. Thanks to David Wilkinson for spotting this publication. HERBERT SMITH, page 1 HERBERT SMITH, page 2 HERBERT SMITH, page3 HERBERT SMITH, page4

Lily Cove

Parachute Tragedy at Haworth Gala Lily Cove was a happy go lucky twenty one year old from East London who made a name for herself as a fearless and daredevil parachutist. She travelled the country with Captain Frederick Bidmead a stunt balloonist who was her manager, performing at fetes and gala’s where she jumped from …

Tom Toll

Another Bridge Too Far Tom Toll Click Here to down load a pdf copy.