Harden Moor & I/C Power Flying Site Rules

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Silent flight and Electric are permitted at any time during daylight hours

I/C (Internal Combustion) Powered flight is allowed only in daylight hours between the following times, and never after DUSK

Monday-Multi Rotor, Heli & Control Line Training from 1200-2100

Tuesday No I/C

Wednesday I/C fixed Wing and Heli from 1200-2100

Thursday Multi Rotor, Heli & Control Line from 1200-2100

Friday No I/C

Saturday Multi Rotor and Heli Training from 0900-1200

Saturday I/C Fixed Wing and Heli from 1200-1800

Sunday I/C Fixed Wing and Heli from 0900-1300


Models must always remain within 300 yards of the centre of the strip, and NEVER fly beyond the bridleway and car park fence.

All engines must be silenced effectively, to no more than 80 db  at seven metres.

A maximum of six models may be in the air, with no more than five powered.

35MHz or 27MHz frequency pegboard works as follows:



Transmitter pennants, displaying the correct 35MHz frequency or 27MHz colour, must be flown at all times.

Never switch on your transmitter unless your peg, marked with your name, is on the board on the correct frequency. Failure to

Comply with this procedure could have disastrous consequences.


We must also bear in mind that to operate our flying activities on such a tight and busy site as harden moor we need to adopt some kind of flying site etiquette most of which is covered and should be followed from the hand books. But there are always changeable situations at every flying session such as the number of people or the weather conditions that make, what was fine at the start of the flying session, not best practice later on, which means a change of flight line or pits may become necessary. In the event that you do feel unhappy with the operation of the flying site, please talk to the B certificated flyers first, then to the or other flyers and if within the guidance given in the handbooks the majority feel the flight line or pits need to be changed, change it.