Earlier today it was reported to me that Nick Hemple has had a Lipo fire within his model room which is situated within his house. First reports are that whilst there is extensive damage to his model room the rest of the house has only sustained minor smoke damage and everyone got out safely.

Comment from Nick.
Reading about lipo fires in no way prepares you for the event, apologies to my wife Nancy and a warning to us all. I don’t know if I will trust them, or myself again.

I think we can all appreciate the sentiments in Nick’s comment and as members of KADMAC we would like to offer any support as needed to  Nick and his family.

A full report will be issued as and when the full facts are ascertained.

nick 1

My first thought after find out everyone was ok, was how many times have I nipped off for my tea or some other reason when charging my lipos, never again

nick 2

This might not be an appropriate time to mention this, but recently a lot of house insurance policies have taken to excluding aero modelling actives. I think this must be a good time to check ours.

If you would like information on Li-Poly use and safety please checkout in our Handbook section of this website.
written by  Bob Smith

Battery safety

Or Click Here


What’s coming UP

Everything has been a bit quirt within KADMAC for the past month or so with members being on holiday or attending model shows and even away competing.  I have news of two confirmed events coming up.


1st. Indoor flying will be restarting on Sunday 4th September at Holy Family School Keighley, starting time around 2pm until 5pm. CLICK HERE for directions.

2nd. Tuesday 4th October’s club meeting will see Andy Symons of the BMFA attending to give us the latest information on , caa regulations, national centre, A &B test standard’s etc. If you have any questions/ideas or information to put to our governing body, this is your chance.

Also coming up late September early October will be our club aerobatic, scale, electric and control line competitions. Watch this space.


New Club Trainer


Today saw the new club trainer make it’s maiden flight, piloted by Bob, who is a new member to the club, using the buddy lead system.

Although not easy to fly in windy conditions Bob made a very good attempt on his first ever flight and is looking forward to flying again hopefully in calmer conditions.



Scale comp

Last weekend Nick Hemple had to call off the scale competition due appalling weather conditions, as the calendar for this year is now quite congested we will be running the event this coming Saturday 9th July from 14.00.

In the event this weekend is weathered off we will set a new date at the next club meeting.

HDMAC Logo DG and Whams D

H&DMAC Invite


The members and committee of Huddersfield and District Model Aircraft Club would like to invite members from your club to join us again for a fly-in on Sunday July 17th 2016 at our flying field “The Whams” set in the picturesque hills above Holmfirth.

This year’s Summer fly-in will be a casual “fly anything fixed wing” affair similar to our events last year, but if you happen to have any of the following models then feel free to bring them along and we’ll see if we can organise some impromptu fun.

Warbirds ¦ Electric gliders (foam and/or crunchy) ¦ Aerotow gliders (up to 4m wingspan) ¦ Foam Acrowots ¦ EDFs ¦ Discus launch gliders ¦ Anything interesting to demonstrate (control line, single channel etc)

Details as follows:  Sunday July 17th

Gate open at 9am

10am pilots’ briefing

Fixed wing only

Parking on site

Free food and drinks will be available

Power available for charging (12v and 240v)

BMFA insurance & Fixed Wing A certificate required

B certificate required for over 7kg, bear in mind our field can be challenging for large models

We have an 80dB limit so “well silenced” models only

Follow the instructions on the access road to get to the car park beyond the flightpath

Directions: O.S. Ref. 195057 

Browns Edge Road, Maythorn, near Ingbirchworth, Huddersfield.      

Take the A629 from Huddersfield towards Sheffield. Pass the A635 junction continuing on the A629 for 1 Mile, come to Birds Edge village and turn right immediately by the school. Proceed to the T junction and turn left. Take the 2nd road on the right (after 1 mile), Browns Edge Road. Arrive at the Flying site after half a mile on the left.

Hope you can make it!

Best wishes, Rob Cleator Club Secretary



KADMAC Fixed Wing Scale Competition

Fixed Wing Scale Competition 2nd July 2016

2.00 p m Harden Moor

“Flying only” Scale competition, no marks awarded for appearance or scale fidelity, however models must be recognisable as a rendition of a full size flying aircraft , most of us must possess at least one model that qualifies for this, if you’ve never attempted a club competition, now’s your chance !


The aim of the contest and the thinking behind the marking is that the model should be flown through the manoeuvres to give the most realistic impression of the full sizes aircrafts behaviour and performance when well flown.

All aircraft to fly the compulsory manoeuvres and 2 of the option manoeuvres, options to be selected prior to commencing the flight. If the model has some particular function available (such as bomb drop etc.)  the pilot may elect to demonstrate that instead of one of the listed options.

All appropriate manoeuvres to be centred on the middle of the strip All manoeuvres have the same value, no “K” factors applied.

  1. Rise off ground take off
  2. Left hand or right hand circuit at a steady altitude.
  3. Figure of eight ( two circles of equal size joined together side by side, with no X in the middle)
  4. A descending 360 degree circle (starts at height in the middle of the strip, power is reduced and plane banked to descend in a circle to exit at circuit height on the same heading as the entry)
  5. option manoeuvre
  6. option manoeuvre
  7. Approach & Landing ( marked from when plane turns onto final leg until it comes to a halt).

Option list

Stall Turn

Immelmann Turn

Split S

Cuban Eight

Three turn spin

Touch & Go



Inverted Flight (1/2 roll in, 50m inverted, 1/2 roll out)

Chandelle (non-aerobatic types only)

Overshoot  from below 3 metres (non-aerobatic types only)

Straight and level flight for 50m  (non-aerobatic types only)Fokker Wolf

Since judging of a contest of this type is a subjective issue, the judge’s decision is final, it may be wrong, but it’s still final.




Coming up in June

Two new dates for indoor flyers 12th & 26th June indoor  Indoor meeting Holy Family School Keighley, starting time around 2pm until 5pm. CLICK HERE for directions.

FUNFLY Competition 25th June See post below.

Ones to book in your diary.

2nd July Scale Competition

9th-10th July Aerobatic Competition plus barbeque and ground working party. Cancelled, rescheduled date to be announced  at July club meeting 




D&DMAC 50th Year Anniversary

The Dewsbury & District Model Aero Club (DDMAC), is 50 years old this year.

As part of their anniversary celebration, they are holding a Fly-in and Open Day on Sunday 7th August at their flying site from 11.00am onwards. They would like to extend an invitation to KADMAC members, to join them for the day, to celebrate this event.

As part of the day they are hoping to generate some press interest, to publicise the club and promote safe flying in general. The club trainers and the smaller version of the BMFA flight simulator (the big double one is already booked), will be available, to allow any interested parties to have a try at our hobby.

Tea and Coffee making facilities, will be available in the club cabin, throughout the day and Pie & Peas will be served later in the day for those who pre-order. There is now onsite toilet facilities at the field.

The only limits are no models over 7kg, to be flown down at our field. They also do not allow turbines and have a noise limit, of no models over 82db measured at 7 metres.

If you would like to attend please click here and register and order your pie and peas.

KADMAC a club run by its members for its members