Dec 07

A quick reminder that KADMAC & BMFA membership renewal is now open for the 2019 season.

There are several options for renewing.

1st Members can pay both at the next Club meeting which takes place on the 8th January at Park Side Social Club Howarth from 20.00

2nd Online from the membership renewal form Click Here you can also renew your BMFA from this form.

3rd Whilst we can renew your BMFA membership, you may wish to renew your BMFA yourself, if so please use this link to GoMembership Click Here to login to the fully secure website where you will also be able to check and update your information. You can also list the clubs you are in to help each of these clubs with their admin, please add KADMAC as your Primary Club as this gives us more votes.

You will require your BMFA membership/insurance to be in place before taking part in any model flying activities after 31st December 2018. Please don’t chance flying any model without insurance, this includes chuck gliders. A chuck glider was responsible for the biggest insurance claim that the BMFA has had to deal with, this was a 6 figure sum.

Your KADMAC membership goes towards paying for the club meetings, maintenance of Harden Moor and subsidising the indoor fly activities for our member. The committee hope to in the near future run the indoor flying  session completely free of charge to all members, an announcement will be made on this at the March or April meeting.


Nov 28

2019 BMFA membership is now open

If you have not logged into your BMFA GoMembership portal yet, please do by clicking here. All you need is the email address you have registered with the BMFA when you last renewed, if you have not registered an email address please let Charlie know. Put your email address in the user name box and click the Forgot Password tab and you will be sent a password to your email address. Once you have received a password you will be able to login and check all the detail held by the bmfa on you and if needed amend them, along with renew your bmfa membership. You will also see that there is an option to register the clubs you belong to, please put KADMAC as your primary club as this gives us/you more voting power. If you would like KADMAC to pay your bmfa membership and manage your information held by the bmfa please let us know at the next club meeting or by completing one of the membership forms on this website.

Nov 05


4th December 2018
Park Side Social Club, Haworth BD22 8QJ
Meeting to take place from 20.00


Apologies of absence

Minutes of the 2017 AGM

Matters arising from 2017

Secretary’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Training Officer’s Report

Membership Secretary’s Report

Chairman’s Report

New Subscriptions

Increase of membership fees in line with June’s EGM

BMFA increase of £4 to £38 for 2019

KADMAC full member £40.00

Junior Member under 21 £5.00 + BMFA £18

Social Member Non Flying £11.00

Associate member £5

Joining Fee £ 18.00 Juniors Free

Concessions voted out



Under Definitions

Junior Member: Any person in full time education to the age of 18 or 21, to vote at AGM

Change item 22 of the constitution

A minimum of 3 Committee officers are required to submit a sample of their signature for banking reference purposes.


The Treasurer is required to submit a sample of their signature for banking reference purposes or by BACS by the treasurer to approved creditors. A full account of monthly income and expenditure along with a copy of the monthly bank statement is to be presented to the committee every month. A copy of the monthly statement is to be kept by the club secretary. Any club member may request to see to club accounts at the anytime convenient to both parties.

Change item 23 of the Constitution

Money may only be withdrawn from the club funds by cheque signed by not less than two Committee Officers or by BACS to the BMFA for membership payments.


Money may only be withdrawn from the club funds by cheque signed by the treasurer and approved by a standing committee member or by BACS and general payments.

Change item 45 of the Constitution

A date for the AGM will be decided each year by the Committee. At least 28 days’ notice of the meeting will be given in writing to all members except social members, together with an agenda and a listing of all proposals to be considered.  In the event of insufficient nominations for vacant committee posts, nominations may be accepted during the meeting and committee members so elected can stand down or must seek re-election at the following AGM


A date for the AGM will be the first Tuesday of December each year, should this change members will be notified by the committee with the new date. At least 28 days’ notice of the meeting will be given via OGM, email, Kadmac Website and Facebook, to all members except social members, together with an agenda and a listing of all proposals to be considered.  In the event of insufficient nominations for vacant committee posts, nominations may be accepted during the meeting and committee members so elected can stand down or must seek re-election at the following AGM

  Any other business of AGM

Nomination and selection for the following committee positions:-

Membership Secretary /Treasurer


Oct 30

BMFA Membership Portal

If you haven’t logged on to the new BMFA membership portal on the GoMembership platform yet why not check out our Individual Member user guide? It can be downloaded from the link below. Then go to and request a password.

Existing and recently lapsed members do not need to register again, enter your email address and click Forgot Password. If the password rest email doesn’t arrive send us an email to and we can ensure the email address on your records are current.

Oct 29


The latest drafts of the EASA regulations for unmanned aircraft were published recently by the European Commission and contain a significant and positive development for model flyers.  DG MOVE (the European Transport Commission) submitted a proposal to remove model flying conducted within Associations/Clubs from the EASA regulations and this seems to have gained acceptance.

The latest draft Implementing Act introduces this principle:

(25) Since model aircraft are considered as UAS and given the good safety level demonstrated by model aircraft operations in clubs and associations, it is not necessary to adopt particular provisions for recreational flight activities conducted within the framework of model aircraft clubs and associations.

This is further clarified by Article 16

UAS operations in the framework of model aircraft clubs and associations

1. The competent authority may issue a model aircraft club or association with an operational authorisation in accordance with relevant national rules.

2. The operational authorisation shall specify the conditions under which the model aircraft club or association may continue their activities, and shall be limited to the territory of the Member State in which it is issued.

There remained some confusion regarding the extent to which model flying would remain within the scope of the regulations, compounded by the retention of a reference to model flying within UAS.SPEC.010 (General provisions).  However, we have just had confirmation from EASA that this reference to model flying was left in the regulations in error and will be removed.

On this basis, the current draft regulations essentially remove model flying conducted within Associations/Clubs from the scope of the EASA regulations.  EASA have also confirmed our interpretation that a Member State’s Competent Authority (in our case the CAA) can define a complete national regulatory framework for model flying (which may or may not define requirements for age limits, operator registration and competency requirements etc) and that model associations may operate to the resulting national authorisation.  This is exactly what we have today!

However, this still leaves model flying conducted by those operating outside of an Association/Club within the scope of the EASA ‘Open Category’ which imposes height restrictions, age restrictions and also registration and competency requirements to almost all model aircraft up to 25Kg (the maximum limit within the ‘Open Category’).

The facility for a Member State to define areas/zones where model aircraft can operate with exemptions from ‘Open Category’ requirements has also been retained in Article 15 and could potentially help some countries where the requirement to join an Association/Club will be an unwelcome/unworkable imposition.

Article 15 Operational conditions for geographical zones

2.On the basis of a risk assessment carried out by the competent authority, Member States may designate certain geographical zones in which UAS operations are exempt from one or more of the open category requirements.

The current draft of the regulations is open for feedback on the European Commission website until the 5th November.  It is possible to submit feedback directly if you register on the EC website.  Details can be found here:

We believe that the changes introduced in the current draft regulations represent a positive development for model flying and on that basis we are not calling for a mass mobilisation of members to respond on this occasion.

Oct 26

Light Flight

Oct 26

Auction night at KADMAC.


Remember remember the 6th of November.


If you have some prize modelling gems that are looking for a new home please bring them along and convert them back into cash, or maybe you’re looking for another project please come along and make a bid. Start time 20.00 prompt at Park Side Social Club Haworth.



Oct 21



1st Oliver Firth
2nd Dan Smith
3rd Adrian Firth
4th Harry Waddington

Oct 19

BMFA Web Link

If anyone is having difficulty finding or logging into your BMFA membership here is the link below.


Oct 11


The new BMFA membership site hosted by GO membership is now online for everyone to use.

Please could all members register on the site and update all their contact details including emergency contact and current email address.

Country members could you please affiliate yourselves with the KADMAC club as it makes membership so much easier to administrate.

Anybody having difficulty doing this will they please write their full details and hand to me at the next meeting and I can update for you.

Regards Charlie

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